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  • Are you responsible for the safe travel of another Adult?
  • Do you need a caregiver to accompany your family member when flying or traveling alone?
  • Do you need a respite from adult caregiving?
    We will take care of your loved ones as though they were a part of our family.
X Ball Travel Services will not provide services to individuals who have not had their COVID-19 vaccinations. Proof of vaccination certificate is required.

Ball Travel Services, is a specialty travel Concierge Service that was developed to assist individuals who do not want to travel alone.

We offer two types of service:

  • Our Travel Concierge Service is designed to assist busy individuals, who would like to have relative and friends visit them (see here).  
  •  Extend your independent travel years further into retirement with your friends at Ball Travel Concierge Service.



  1. Perhaps you cannot take time off from work to go get the individual(s) or take them back or
  2. Their relatives or friends are afraid to fly alone or the individual wishing them to visit is afraid of having them travel by themselves or
  3. Trips require change of planes or other transfers in busy hub airports or
  4. We can help give you a respite, by accompanying your loved one to a destination of choice or
  5. Accompany a loved one for medical trips that do not require a nurse, like visits to the Cleveland or Mayo Clinics

Customized non-medical • Serving Adults of All Ages • Domestic and International

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Ball Travel Services is happy to provide FREE, no obligation estimates to our potential clients. Before requesting your free estimate, please submit your email via our "Have a Question" portal below. Your email will never be sold or shared, we will simply use it to send information regarding our service agreement for your review.

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1. Ball Travel Services does not collect any personal information on our own or from external websites or tracking software.

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