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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you provide medical assistance?
A:  We are not medical professionals.  However if you need medical assistance we will get you to the nearest Emergency Room ASAP.  As long as you are conscious you can direct your medical decisions.  If you should become unconscious then the Patient Advocate Designation document would go into effect.  The ER would call your first Patient Advocate and the ER would follow their recommendations. 

If Ball Travel Services' Travel Concierge has to assume the Patient Advocate responsibility because the first Patient Advocate cannot be reached, the Travel Concierge will request "Patient's life to be prolonged to the greatest extent possible consistent with sound medical practice without regard to patient's condition, chance of recovery, or cost of the procedures"

The Ball Travel Services’ Travel Concierge will continue to try to reach the first Patient Advocate, the Client, or other contacts we have on file.


Q. Some friends and I are thinking about asking you to take us to Hawaii.  We have two questions.

1.  We are in our early to mid-sixties and in excellent health, why do we need to have a Patient Advocate Designation document?
A.  If anyone should get hurt or sick and our Traveling Concierge has to take them to the Emergency Room, the patient can generally direct their own medical care.   Without a Patient Advocate Designation (“PAD”), if the Traveling Individual goes unconscious and cannot direct their medical care, our Traveling Concierge could only ask the ER staff to call the individual designated as an emergency contact.  With an executed PAD, our Traveling Concierge could give the ER staff the written instructions regarding care decided by the Traveling Individual in advance.

2. What time of the year is it best to visit Hawaii?
A. Anytime of the year is okay to visit Hawaii.  Hawaii is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit.  However, the best time is in the fall and spring. The temperatures are cooler, tropical storms rarely occur and vacation traffic is lower.