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Subject to the terms and conditions of my Travel Concierge Services Agreement with Ball Travel Services, I make the following Trip Request:

(a.) Is this Trip Request for you  , someone else  , or both? 

     Please supply Traveling Individual’s names:

(b.) Description of travel needs:

Note: A digital photograph of the Traveling Individual(s), Handoff Individual(s) and Pickup Individual(s) must be sent to Ball Travel Services cell phone no. +1 517-332-5070 and must be e-mailed to [email protected] or send the pictures to us by mail.

Note: Please describe any changes in the Traveling Individual’s medical issues, since the last Trip Request, on a separate page and mail it back to us. Do NOT attach medical information to this e-mail.

(c.)   Dates of Requested Trip; Time of day the individual(s) can be at the airport ready for travel:

Note, Airlines recommend arriving at the airport 1.5 to 2 hours before flight time.

(d.)   Airfare Class of Service Requested:

      Economy Plus

(e.)   Type of Airline Ticket Requested:


(f.)    Wheelchair required for traveling individual(s) use in the airport:

      Yes, Wheelchair required

(g.)   Please provide the level of Hotel Service Requested:

(h.)   Land Travel method (Note: travel over land is limited to Cabs, Shuttle or Limousine)


Note, If the option selected is not available, we will use what is available.

(i.)    Special Requests or Additional Trip Details:

Please quote the above Trip Request:


Client name:


Client signature: __________________________



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